What should we expect when making temporary staff requests ?

Each temporary staff request made at Staff Renter is first assessed by one of our recruiters to ensure that everything is in order. This request will then be sent to our many service providers/ candidates who will be able to apply after having accepted the conditions of the contract in question.
That said, all candidates who have access to your requests are thereby qualified to meet the requirements. As soon as a candidate confirms their interest in your contract, you will automatically receive a confirmation email which will mention that the request has been fulfilled.
The candidate will therefore present himself on the date and time mentioned to carry out the mandate. Unless otherwise specified, he will already have his uniform on hand as well. We will then load the number of hours worked by it within your establishment. You therefore will only have to pay Staff Renter, as the candidates will not be your employee. We will take care at the agency to pay the candidate.

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