What is my status when I take contracts through the agency ?

As soon as you have access to contracts on our platform and that you take missions, you are considered as self-employed. You can also designate your status as a service provider . You are therefore not an employee of the agency, but a consultant, free to choose their contracts and missions.

As a self-employed worker, the self-employed person agrees to maintain at his own expense any insurance required in connection with the performance of the services. This includes without limitation any personal and medical insurance for care, disability, injury and other medical or paramedical conditions, drugs, life insurance and other personal insurance, as well as appropriate liability insurance for the type of services rendered to beneficiaries. He expressly acknowledges that neither Staff Renter nor the beneficiary will maintain such insurance in his regard and that the candidate remains solely responsible for any damage caused during the performance of the services. The self-employed worker also recognizes that as a self-employed worker he will not be entitled to payment of vacation or other benefits generally reserved for employees. It also undertakes to compensate Staff Renter and the beneficiaries for any damage it may cause them in the performance of a mission.

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