Collaborating with Staff Renter means having access to various temporary employment contracts in various fields and being informed of full-time job openings with our many clients.

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  • Conditions for accessing job contracts

    Staff Renter offers all its active candidates an Intranet web platform that allows them to choose temporary employment contracts, efficiently manage their schedules and billing online. On the Intranet, it is possible for candidates to apply for contracts, to leave comments on experiences, to confirm the hours worked, to generate invoices for the services, to consult the list of contracts carried out via the agency and more.

    Only Canadian citizens or people with a valid work permit to operate on Canadian territory are eligible for registration with our agency. In addition, the minimum age is 18.

  • Event sector at Staff Renter

    Staff Renter offers a wide choice of contracts and assignments in various partner establishments. As a * self-employed worker *, you will be able to view and submit your application for all the contracts offered corresponding to your profile via your Intranet.

  • The status of “Self-Employed Worker”.

    A self-employed person is someone who works independently on their own account, and not as an employee on behalf of another person. He may also be referred to as an “independent contractor”, “service provider” or “consultant”.

    The self-employed worker is responsible for issuing invoices to the agency in order to receive payment for his services.

    It is also his responsibility to understand and follow all the conditions relating to each contract, such as, for example, but not limited to, to have the appropriate performance on his contracts.

    The self-employed person understands that no deduction will be made by the agency on the payment of his benefits and that he is entirely responsible for filing proper income tax returns with the government.

  • The advantages of working with Staff Renter

    As a service provider working with Staff Renter, you will have the freedom to choose your schedule. It will be possible for you to apply for the contracts that interest you and thus manage your schedule.

    You can therefore accept or refuse the contracts offered through the agency. Operating in several food and manufacturing sectors, you will also have the opportunity to vary your work experiences with many of our clients.

    Via our free invoicing system, you can have access to all your invoices issued since the start of your collaboration with Staff Renter, which will greatly facilitate the preparation of your tax reports with your accountant.

  • The candidate’s responsibilities towards Staff Renter

    It will be your responsibility to honor your commitments. As soon as you apply for a contract, you will be required to attend.

    Before applying for a contract, we will ask you to be assured of being able to honor it so that you do not have to cancel and thus do a task on your file. Indeed, too frequent last minute cancellations could put an end to our collaboration.

    To cancel a contract, the maximum time limit is 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation below these deadlines will result in the deactivation of the account.

    It is also important to understand that an unjustified absence from a confirmed contract will automatically lead to a permanent closure of your account.

    Finally, it will also be your responsibility to understand our intranet, in order to confirm your hours worked, to invoice each billing week and to ensure that there are no errors in the payment of your benefits.

  • Negotiating hourly rates

    It will be your responsibility to discuss with the recruiter your expectations regarding the hourly rate that you would like to charge us. If no rate is mentioned or negotiated, base rates will be applied according to each position.

  • Judicial History Form

    As an agency, we ask all applicants who work with us to complete the criminal record form. Since some of our clients operate with vulnerable clients, they require that all candidates coming to their establishments comply by completing the form. It is therefore your responsibility to complete it and send it to us so that you can make yourself eligible for these contracts.