Here is our price list for our warehouseman forklift driver order picker administrative assistant maintenances concierges

Here is the list of prices that are currently in effect.

For all your interim needs or long dates.

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Hourly rate *
Warehouseman 30$
Forklift driver 34$
Order picker 34$
Administrative assistant 36$
Hourly rate *
Maintenance (PEM) 32$
Heavy maintenance (PEL) 36$

* Hourly rates do not include CNESST contributions or STRIPE transaction fees of 3% if applicable.

A charge of 3% (contributions and charges) will be applied to the total of each invoice.

Travel costs may apply depending on your geolocation.

A 3% charge (STRIPE Transaction Fee) will be applied to the total invoice if your payment method will be or is by credit card.

For more information on temporary and long-term services, please contact your representative.