Here is our price list for our cooks chefs cooks dishwashers oysters shockers sous-chefs help-cooks maîtres d’hôtel promotional agents Head waiters bartenders waiters busboy / girls hostesses maintenances concierges

Here is the list of prices that are currently in effect.

For all your interim needs or long dates.

We have the solution for you.

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Hourly rate *
Chef cook 52$
Pastry chef 52$
Sous-chef 48$
Chef de partie 44$
Cook and help cook 39$
Pastry cook and help 39$
Dishwasherr 35$
Hourly rate *
Maître d'hôtel / Sommelier 52$
Restaurant supervisor 52$
Head waiter 46$
Bartender 39$
Waiter 39$
Busboy 36$
Hostess 36$
Hourly rate *
Reception supervisor 52$
Room supervisor 52$
Front desk agent 44$
Royal service 42$
Room service 39$
Floor service 39$
Bellman 37$
Banquets helper 36$
Maintenance worker 39$
Heavy maintenance 44$

* Hourly rates do not include contributions to CNESST,
so a 3% charge (contribution and charge) will be applied to invoices.

Transports fees may apply depending on your geolocation.

For more information on temporary and long-term services, please contact your representative.