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This page answers the questions most frequently asked by employees as well as the general functioning of the Staff Renter Agency.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us via the form provided for this purpose.

F.A.Q candidate

  • What is my status when I take contracts through the agency ?

    As soon as you have access to contracts on our platform and that you take missions, you are considered as self-employed. You can also designate your status as a service provider . You are therefore not an employee of the agency, but a consultant, free to choose their contracts and missions.

    As a self-employed worker, the self-employed person agrees to maintain at his own expense any insurance required in connection with the performance of the services. This includes without limitation any personal and medical insurance for care, disability, injury and other medical or paramedical conditions, drugs, life insurance and other personal insurance, as well as appropriate liability insurance for the type of services rendered to beneficiaries. He expressly acknowledges that neither Staff Renter nor the beneficiary will maintain such insurance in his regard and that the candidate remains solely responsible for any damage caused during the performance of the services. The self-employed worker also recognizes that as a self-employed worker he will not be entitled to payment of vacation or other benefits generally reserved for employees. It also undertakes to compensate Staff Renter and the beneficiaries for any damage it may cause them in the performance of a mission.

  • How do I apply for a contract ?

    To apply for a mandate, you must log on to your intranet and click on the “Events” tab, then “New contracts available”. All the contracts that match your profile will be displayed there. Before applying for a mandate, it is important to read all the information about it to be informed of what to expect on the spot. After reading, you can click on the “I accept” tab to reserve the contract. Once this step is done, you are now assigned to the mandate in question. You will automatically receive a confirmation message. You will also be able to see all of your confirmed contracts in your “Calendar”.

  • How can I change my availability ?

    It is possible for you to modify your availability in your calendar so that our platform sorts for you the contracts that you will see posted on your intranet. For example, by making yourself unavailable on Sundays, you will no longer see Sunday contracts showing in your list of available mandates choices. This also tells us your availability and will prevent us from offering you contracts that do not correspond to your schedule. It should be noted that the more availabilities you leave, the more contracts will be offered to you. If you are looking for where the tab is on the intranet, we recommend that you go to the video tutorials page.

  • What will my hourly rate be paid during my contracts ?

    Each position starts with a base hourly rate of its own. The rates are scalable and negotiable, depending on the length of the candidate’s relationship with the Agency, feedback from clients, experience, etc. You can refer to an agent to specify your hourly rates.

    It is important to note that as a self-employed person, it is your duty to negotiate your rates BEFORE you agree to a contract, if you are not satisfied with the base rates.

  • How do I know if I am confirmed on a contract ?

    When you are confirmed on a contract, you will receive a confirmation email and the event will appear in your calendar. In addition, the system will automatically send reminders 24 and 4 hours before the start of the said contract.

  • When I am confirmed for a contract, what is the next step ?

    You have to be ready to honor your contract!

    Prepare to go to work on the date and the hours of the said contract. Just make sure you are 5-10 minutes early at the right place of contract, have the proper attire, and advertise yourself as a candidate for the Staff Renter Agency. Don’t forget to confirm your hours at the end of the contract. The client will most likely have you sign an attendance sheet to ensure the hours worked.

  • How should I dress on a contract ?

    The uniform required varies depending on the event and our clients. In the details of each contract, you can read the information about the uniforms. Please note, uniforms are not provided on the contracts. If you do not have the uniform required for a contract at home, you will have to go get the necessary items, or simply refuse the contract and give another candidate the chance to apply.

  • If I ever have to cancel a contract, what is the procedure ?

    If you need to cancel a contract, we ask you to do so at least 48 hours in advance. Below this deadline, it becomes difficult for us to replace you and it therefore becomes problematic.
    Before applying for a contract, we ask that you be sure that you can show up there so that you do not have to cancel and thus leave a stain on your file. Indeed, too frequent last-minute cancellations could put an end to our collaboration.
    In the “Invoicing tool / Cancel a contract” section, you will have access to your current contracts and will be able to cancel contracts that no longer correspond to your availability.
    If you are looking for where the tab is on the intranet, we recommend that you go to the video tutorials page.

  • If I don't show up on a contract, what are the consequences ?

    Automatically, this will end our collaboration. Your access to the contracts and to the platform will be revoked immediately.
    We have zero tolerance for these kinds of situations.

  • How do I confirm and invoice my hours when I have made a contract ?

    For each of the contracts you do with Staff Renter, you must confirm your hours. It is your responsibility to go to your Intranet in the invoicing tool to complete the timesheet. By clicking on the contract for the day that was made, it will be possible for you to enter the time of your arrival and departure from the mandate. If you took a break, you can add that as well. This step will allow us to validate with the customer so that everything is okay. It should be noted that if your hours are not correctly entered on time, it will be impossible for us to proceed to the payment of your services on time.
    At the end of your work week (every Saturday), it will be important to “bill” your work week. It is this step that will allow you to receive the money for your benefits.

  • When will I be paid for my work ?

    Invoices payments are made fourteen (14) working days after you have sent your invoice. Always calculate 14 days after the last day of the current week.
    By default, payments are made via Direct deposit. Please note that a charge of $ 2 per transfer will be retained by the bank.
    Given the current situation, we do not prioritize the traditional method of picking up checks at the office. However, it is still available under certain conditions.

  • How do I inform you of an error in the payment of my invoice ?

    Before paying any of your invoices, we will send you the official detailed invoice with all the items that will be paid to you.
    It is your duty to double-check the invoice and contact us if anything is wrong.

  • If I have just finished a contract and the customer asks me to come back, what is the procedure ?

    Simply ask the customer to contact us so that we can understand their needs and enter their requests into the intranet. We may subsequently assign you to said contracts with this client.

  • How can I access my invoices as a self-employed worker ?

    At any time, you can view your invoices via your intranet platform. In addition, if you have contracted more than $ 500 of work through the agency, you will receive a T4A statement at the end of the fiscal year, summarizing the money collected for your contracts.

  • Will clients have access to my personal information ?

    For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, we will not provide your personal information to our customers, unless you tell us otherwise. In addition, according to the general conditions of our collaboration, you are prohibited from giving your information to customers with whom you will make contracts.

  • Where can I consult the general conditions of the Staff Renter Agency ?

    To consult the general conditions in effect when you register, you have access to them at all times in each email you receive. Indeed, a hyperlink is always attached at the bottom of the page. In addition, you can access them via the ” Communication ” tab in your candidate intranet.

  • For any other information

    Here is the contact page of the Staff Renter Agency

    In an emergency, there is always a way to reach us. Here are the two fastest ways.

    • Whether by email or phone, please leave us a short message with your name, phone number and the reason for your emergency and we will get back to you as soon as possible to remedy the situation.
    • If you are a candidate, please access your intranet to cancel a contract.
      To write to us

F.A.Q client / business

  • What are your different services ?

    Staff Renter offers two very distinct services, namely the event placement service (temporary) as well as headhunting services.

    • Event service: For all your temporary and sporadic labor needs, it is possible to refer you to our agency so that we can help you meet your requests. We will quickly offer you qualified candidates to support your team on site.
    • Headhunting Service: Staff Renter is also one of the only recruiting agencies offering headhunting services specializing in restaurants, hotels and food service and housekeeping/maintenance. Our services can therefore support your team in place in the search for serious and qualified candidates to fill a permanent position within your establishment.
  • What are the steps to open up a client account with you ?

    In order to open a client account with Staff Renter, you just have to follow the few steps of our quick and easy online registration. Under the “Registration” tab of our web platform, you will find the option to create a client/ customer account. This step will allow us to learn a little more about your organization, assess your needs and send you a service agreement as well as our price list.

  • What are your rates/prices ?

    Pricing at Staff Renter is tailored to the area and sector of expertise requested. The prices will therefore vary according to your needs, which is why it is first important to create a client / company account so that we can understand the needs in question and send you a price list that will be adapted.

  • How does your billing system work ?

    For each invoice issued by Staff Renter, you will have to pay it within 14 working days of receiving it. We leave the choice to our customers to proceed by credit card, bank transfer, check, etc. at their discretion.
    Note that a PAD (Pre autorized debit) or/and a credit card will always be requested when opening the account for pre-authorization purposes.

  • What should we expect when making temporary staff requests ?

    Each temporary staff request made at Staff Renter is first assessed by one of our recruiters to ensure that everything is in order. This request will then be sent to our many service providers/ candidates who will be able to apply after having accepted the conditions of the contract in question.
    That said, all candidates who have access to your requests are thereby qualified to meet the requirements. As soon as a candidate confirms their interest in your contract, you will automatically receive a confirmation email which will mention that the request has been fulfilled.
    The candidate will therefore present himself on the date and time mentioned to carry out the mandate. Unless otherwise specified, he will already have his uniform on hand as well. We will then load the number of hours worked by it within your establishment. You therefore will only have to pay Staff Renter, as the candidates will not be your employee. We will take care at the agency to pay the candidate.

  • How to confirm the hours worked by one of your candidates ?

    For each contract completed, you have to log in your intranet to confirm the hours worked by our candidates. This step will be important and mandatory to ensure that no billing errors are issued.

  • What is the intranet ?

    The Intranet is your online customer platform. Via your Intranet, it will be possible for you to manage your requests, to cancel them if necessary, to confirm the hours worked by our candidates, to leave us comments concerning your events, your candidate impressions, etc.
    It is also via this platform that you will be able to view your invoices online and even possibly manage their payment.

  • One of the candidates is super competent! Can I offer him a permanent job ?

    Unfortunately, you cannot offer him a job directly, given the general conditions of our contractual agreement. You must let us know that you want to hire him. We will then be able to explain the costs related to an hiring. If you are comfortable with the terms, we will offer the job to the candidate, who will be able to tell us their interest.

  • For any other information

    Here is the contact page of the Staff Renter Agency

    In an emergency, there is always a way to reach us. Here are the two fastest ways.

    • Whether by email or phone, please leave us a short message with your name, phone number and the reason for your emergency and we will get back to you as soon as possible to remedy the situation.
    • If you are a candidate, please access your intranet to cancel a contract.