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Banquet cook/cook helper

A banquet cook is mainly involved in preparation tasks, such as peeling vegetables and cutting. He assists the cook in his tasks. He is also the one who takes care of setting dishes and preparing upstream. This prep cook does not have a lot of experience does not necessarily have professional training in cooking.

Chef / Executive chef/ Pastry chef

The chef / pastry chef is responsible for preparing the menus and making the dishes / dessert served. He supervises a team of cooks, pastry chefs and clerks. The chef / pastry chef’s mission is to manage the supply of ingredients, costs and expenses and human resources.

Chef de partie

The chef de partie is like a responsible cook. He has experience in micro-management. He can manage a few cooks and able to work on all positions on the line. He usually works with the sous-chef.


The dishwasher is responsible for washing dishes and other utensils to help staff keep the kitchen clean. Other tasks may also be entrusted to him.

Food Service Attendant (FSA)

The food service attendant is a general kitchen and service helper in a residence or a CHSLD. He will be able to open the kitchen, set up food trays, perform table service, clean the kitchen, dive and checkout. Basically, FSA is a jack of all trades in the kitchen.

Line cook

The cook prepares and cooks dishes from menus and recipes. He is under the command of a chef de partie or a sous-chef. He has experience on the line, but can not work alone on events.He has to be supervised.

Oyster Shucker

The « oyster shucker» has the task of opening all kinds of oysters in a clean and efficient way. He is also able to set the trays of seafood without any problem.

Pastry cook

The pastry cook responsibilities include preparing quality pastry items such as breakfast items, desserts, breads, ice creams, sorbets, creams, simple syrups, amenities, displays/centerpieces and special request items. He is normally under the chef responsibilities.


The sous-chef coordinates and supervises the work of the chefs de partie and cooks as directed by the chef. He participates in the preparation of the dishes and collaborates in the elaboration of the menus. He can work alone in a kitchen, under the clear and established guidelines of the manager.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.

Banquet waiter

The banquet server must perform, at the request of the hotel manager or the headwaiter, the tasks relating to the service such as preparing the service floor, ensuring the service of meals and beverages and serving the tables. He ensures a constant follow-up on the tables and the guests entrusted to him.


The barback position involves maintaining the bar, the bar equipment and the storage rooms, and helping to set up the bar. The barback acts to support the on-site bartender by providing them with everything they need to do their work.


The bartender must welcome and serve customers. He makes cocktails and beverages, according to a pre-established bar menu. He ensures the supply and setting up of the various bars before and during the service. He makes sure to communicate well with the barbacks to not miss anything. The bartender is under the tutelage of a manager or a headbartender.


The busboys usually work in pairs with the server. he helps the waiter to make the connection between the kitchen and the floor. He is responsible for supplying water, bread to customers and clearing the tables. He can sometimes do cleaning tasks and dishwashing, to help the staff on the spot

Food Service Attendant (FSA)

The food service attendant is a general kitchen and service helper in a residence or a CHSLD. He will be able to open the kitchen, set up food trays, perform table service, clean the kitchen, dive and checkout. Basically, PSA is a do-it-all position in the kitchen.

Head bartender

The headbartender has a lot of experience behind the bar. He knows all the classic cocktails and can even make tailor-made one’s. He has a very good knowledge of liquor and spirits. He is able to promote some products. It can also contribute to customer loyalty and development. Finally, it is the resource person who can organize the distribution of work between the different staff of the bar.

Head waiter/Chef de rang/Assistant manager

The headwaiter or chef de rang, under the Maitre d’Hôtel, oversees a section of specific tables. He makes sure to give unparalleled service while helping the servers. A head waiter can take more initiative than a server. He is very autonomous and can take care of the customer contact without any problem. Normally, the headwaiters also have experience in restaurants, not just banquets,

Maître d’Hôtel / Manager / Supervisor

The Maître d’Hôtel is the first person to welcome guests. It is the image of your business. Like a conductor, he must coordinate services between the kitchen and the dining room. He runs the clerks, servers, carefully to ensure the smooth running and quality of service.


The mixologist is to cocktails what the chef is to the food. These bartenders, cocktail-experts know how to marry and match flavors with balance. They create tailor-made recipes or revisit great existing classics. He is the bartender who will create for you a recipe in your image. A mixologist likes to take you on a journey through original and surprising textures and flavors.


A sommelier is a catering supervisor whose function is to apply the policy of purchasing wines and spirits, supervise the staff assigned to the service of wines and spirits. He also ensures the service of wines by advising customers in the choice of wines suitable for the dishes served. In other words, he is the wine expert.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.

Cloakroom agent

The cloakroom agent welcomes guests and receives coats, bags, umbrellas and other belongings belonging to them. He assigns a number specific to each effect and gives the customer a ticket corresponding to the number of the effect delivered. It also ensures the cleanliness and storage of the cloakroom.

General helper

The general helper is a versatile, discreet and efficient person. He can be used in different areas of work. Normally, he will be required to help managers, attendants or any other staff of the establishment in their daily tasks. The support tasks will generally be simple and light and will not require specific training. Any competent person will be able to carry out this position well.


The host is responsible for welcoming guests to an establishment. Depending on the organization of the client, the host may also be responsible for directing guests, answering the phone or any other tasks related to the reception of customers.

Promotional agent/ Ambassador

The ambassador / promotional agent is responsible for conveying your message to the targeted clientele. He can therefore distribute items or walk around to promote your services. He is the image of your brand.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.

Accommodation supervisor

Under the supervision of the Director of Accommodation, the Accommodation Supervisor is dynamic and creative and promotes an inspiring and proactive work environment. The Hosting Supervisor Team ensures that a high level of service is provided to guests through effective management and proper planning of reception and team activities. The hosting supervisor actively participates in the smooth running of the operations. He demonstrates a great sense of listening and empathy in his interactions with guests and members of his team. He evolves the standards of customer service and ensures their implementation by providing his team members with the support and support they need to perform their work properly.


The bellman is the first person guests meet on their arrival at the hotel. He spends most of his time in the lobby and at the door to meet the needs of clients. In addition, he takes care of carrying the luggage and leads the customers to their room. Finally, one of his tasks will be to inform clients about the hotel facilities in an informative and useful way.

Front desk agent

The receptionist’s (front desk agent) mission is to welcome and inform the client about the course of his stay. Responsible for reservations, he is also in charge of the regulation of the administrative procedures relating to the registration of the customers.

House keeping supervisor

The housekeeping supervisor ensures the organization of the hotel’s housekeeping work and supervises the team while ensuring the institution’s standards of cleanliness. He is in charge of training and supervising a small housekeeping team while having his own maintenance tasks to ensure. He also participates actively in housekeeping within the hotel. The selected candidate will play an important role, together with the hotel manager, in optimizing the quality of the product and will exceed the expectations of our guests.

Porteur banquet

The «porteur banquet» must assemble the rooms and ensure that they comply with the customer’s requests. In particular, he must supervise the equipment inventory and ensure that it is in good condition. He normally acts under the orders of a team leader (called 1st porteur banquet)

Reception supervisor

Under the authority of the hotel manager, the front desk supervisor helps manage the operations of the reception department to exceed the needs and expectations of the clientele. He ensures the implementation of customer service standards by providing his team members with the support and support they need to perform their jobs properly. He also performs various management tasks to support management in his work

Room service agent

A Room Service agent is an accommodation services employee whose function is to take orders for food and beverages from customers and to deliver and service them to their room.

Room service supervisor

Under the direction of the Food and beverage director, the room service supervisor is in charge of the room service team: waiters, waiters and clerks. He is responsible for the smooth running of the operations of his department. In particular, it monitors, sets up and develops service procedures, supervises the team (distribution of tasks, training, etc.), development of employees, organization of schedules, participation in activity, daily service and monitoring and analysis of productivity and turnover.

Royal service agent

A Royal Service agent oversees hotel reservations and confirmations (rooms, activities, catering). He responds to requests from customers by phone and email. It maintains an exemplary communication with the other departments (service requests, follow-up call, etc.). He must keep himself informed by using available information about upcoming events and changes.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.


Depending on his place of contract, the maintenance person (PEL) is generally called upon to perform various general maintenance tasks in and on the building. He may be required to carry out repairs in residents’ apartments, common areas and equipment. Normally, the candidate must be able to lift heavy loads and can often be called upon to perform various plumbing, electrical, plaster and paint jobs.

Housekeeping agent

Depending on his place of contract, the housekeeping attendant (PEM) is generally called upon to perform various tasks to ensure that the establishment is kept clean and sanitary; such as cleaning floors and walls, dusting and washing different surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows, dealing with garbage, keeping the equipment it uses clean and in good condition, or cleaning ventilation hatches. The attendant can be assigned to various related tasks deemed necessary by the manager on site.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.

Administrative assistant / office clerk

An administrative assistant / office clerk will be responsible for various administrative execution tasks to support businesses in their daily operations. He will manage paper and electronic mail, answer the phone, process and classify documents, monitor and format administrative files, distribute information, receive and verify accounting documents. He may also be required to welcome, guide and inform customers.

Forklift operator

A forklift operator is a person who drives a forklift used to move goods through a warehouse. The forklift truck operator performs all kinds of missions such as routing, storage or destocking. Thus, he is responsible for the availability of goods and must avoid stock-outs in the preparation of orders or in the production chain.


The handler is responsible for handling the goods stored in the warehouse of a company. He is involved in reception, storage, preparation, packaging and physical inventory operations. Furthermore. the handler moves, carries and packs the products using non-motorized vehicles: hand trucks, rolls, hoist, straps, etc.

Warehouse clerk

The warehouse clerk is responsible for preparing orders, inspecting and recording shipments of products. He is also responsible for loading packages and checking their contents to ensure that they match customer orders.

N.B. The masculine was only used to lighten the text.